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Our Services

One-on-one training

Our clients love our face to face, one-on-one training on how to run their social media best. So whether you're starting out and have everything left to learn or whether you're ready to take your advertising on Facebook or Twitter to the next level, training can help you open new doors and make sure you're getting return on your advertising investment. You walk away with a handy manual after a personalised training session where we work through real life examples specific to your business.


Many of our clients are looking at ways to target the correct audiences and figure out how to break into new markets. Our comprehensive strategy documents are tailored precisely to your needs with many hours of research put in to ensure we answer your most pressing business questions and deliver you a strategy which will serve as a blueprint for your social media efforts for a long time to come.

Day-to-Day Management

For some of our clients time is just a commodity they don't have enough of. While they value and understand the comprehensive strategy we have drafted for them, they just need someone to take the reigns for a while until they have up-staffed enough to give their social media the full attention it deserves. We'll make sure your clients are responded to professionally and personally, content posted to your page reflects your brand and its values and your social media advertising is being optimised to meet your business goals.

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