The experience behind Funda

Funda Social was founded by Nick Paul in 2015 after a long career of managing the global social media efforts of Travelstart, the developing world's largest online travel agency. He grew the company's following from a small community of less than 1500 people into a mammoth 3.5 million-strong online presence, in the process making Travelstart the most engaging travel brand on Earth. Not only that, but he helped the company achieve real business goals in terms of generating sales, driving brand awareness and positioning the brand as a global authority on do-it-yourself travel.

While's Nick's most recent background has been in travel marketing, he also has worked in content writing, video creation (where he was a presenter) and has also worked in retail management in the fashion industry. With a huge passion for the power of social media and how it is transforming marketing and customer service, Nick is now helping diverse brands from the travel industry to the tech industry and even the recruitment industry to get a better understanding of social media to help them achieve their business goals.