What our clients say


The training we received from Funda Social was exceptionally helpful. I had some understanding of Facebook advertising before, but I had no idea how much room for improvement there was. With the help of Funda Social, Travelbud now reaches our correct target audience at a very reasonable rate, which has seen a continuous increase in conversions. Not only did we receive complete support and help with setting up new campaigns, but I learnt so much during a 1-month campaign that Funda Social ran for us, that I can now use the knowledge and experience I gained to create and run successful campaigns myself. Funda Social therefore offers great value for money.

It was also really great working with Nick Paul. He explains everything in such simple terms, making this complex form of advertising very easy to understand. Thanks to his help, our Facebook advertising continues to do better and better. Funda Social and Nick Paul were one of the best investments we ever made!

- Stewart Brown, Travelbud (Teach & volunteer abroad specialists)

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Having recently completed training with Nick Paul, I would highly recommend that anyone dabbling or stumbling along in the social media sphere does just the same. He patiently demystified social media advertising from the basics to the not-so-basics, in a way that has given us the confidence to boldly go where we have never gone before. He is highly knowledgable in his field, friendly and passionate. Thank you Funda Social!

- Chad le Helloco, Creative Services Manager, Pentravel (South Africa's leading tourism & leisure group)


Working with Nick was very helpful when it came to answering questions and guiding me through the core process of Facebook marketing. I found him very friendly and approachable with his in-depth understanding of the product. I really appreciate Funda Social sharing such useful information with me and the team of Chat Find.

- Kylie Hepburn, Digital Marketer at Chat Find (business networking and professional messenger app)